About Us

Amicus is an established insurance broking and risk management company in India. In India, Amicus received its broking license from the Insurance and Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) in 2008 and has steadily grown since then.

At Amicus we understand cost containment is as important as risk management. We work with you to understand your business first, then provide customized and innovative risk management and insurance solutions at cost effective terms to help your business succeed. We know that our clients want products and services built around their unique needs, provided by professionals with deep expertise in their industries and local markets. We have built a professional services company to achieve this important goal.

Amicus strives to offer its customers a range of strategic yet simple solutions. We possess special expertise in Construction & Property, Marine, Energy, Liability, Credit and Fine Art Insurance. Our biggest strength is claims servicing where we have an unrivalled record of ensuring 100% claims settlement for our clients.